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Bob Pope's Radio Show Every Saturday Morning @ 11AM
WAMB Nashville 1200AM & 99.3FM
Bob is taking the summer off

He'll be back in the fall, so stay tuned!!!





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     Ole' Bob is dedicated to bringing you some of the most relevant and fascinating talk show guests available to discuss the serious issues that are important to us right here in Middle Tennessee. My guests will include state and local leaders from councilmen on up to state legislators. In addition, we'll have the occasional guests with information on the federal issues that affect us locally. We'll sit and talk some good old common horse sense with them and get to the issues that affect YOU, the listener.
      Annnd... on occasion, we'll lighten things up a bit with guests that know a whole lot about the history of our great state and the people that were important to the growth and development from the early days of our statehood right up to the present day.
     So sit back a spell, belly up to the radio and have a listen. You just never know who will show up next. In case you miss a show, I have them archived here on the website and they are here for you to listen to whenever you want them.

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2 July 2009
Bob's Special Show

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